Hi, I’m P.J. ┬áI’ve spent most of my career doing print design, getting paper cuts, and avoiding lemon juice. I also dabble in web design and programming when the need arises.

Most of my design career has been spent in academia, designing promotional and informational print pieces. This means dealing with professors on a regular basis, so I’m used to crazy last-minute requests. I enjoy picking up freelance work in my spare time, as designing for a different audience keeps the creative juices flowing. I prefer clean, simple design that emphasizes the message and avoids unnecessary clutter. I believe that ornamentation in design should enhance the message, rather than distract from it.

In my spare time, I enjoying such lofty pursuits as slaying dragons, hanging out with werewolves, reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, cosplaying, drinking coffee, and doing my best not to get a tan. That last bit is surprisingly difficult when I also try to find time daily to go rock climbing and jogging. Hey, I need some kind of physical activity to balance everything else out!

I hope you enjoy my portfolio. If you want to drop me a line, please head on over to my Contact page.

Live long and prosper.